Terminal services

We offer warehousing, terminal handling and consolidation of European and transit shipments in our terminal in Vantaa-Helsinki region.

We can accept, store and consolidate your shipments, arrange for re-packaging, palletizing, marking, scaling etc. We operate on temporary storage terminals and customs bonded terminals, where we can store and handle any types of shipments. Temporary storage warehouses are used for consolidation of the shipments. Consolidation provides transportation of small shipments from different consignors under one transport document, which allows our clients to reduce cost of transportation.

All transit and export shipments are stored at terminals under customs control before forwarding to Russia.

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    Our terminal:

  • Vantaa
    Öljytie 10

    Customs terminal in Vantaa is located in Helsinki-Vantaa airport area, a few kilometers from Vuosaari seaport and near Lahti, Kotka highways.
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    phone: +358 9 42451114
    e-mail: terminal@eximex.fi