• 16.05.16

    Warehouse and office in Vantaa are moving 1/6/2016

  • 20.01.15

    The export declarations need to issue in the country of departure

    The export declarations need to issue in the country of departure, if cargos value is over 3000 eur.

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  • 15.10.14

    Warehouse and office in Lappeenranta moved.

    New address is: Ahtaajankatu 9, 53420 Lappeenranta. Tel.: +358 40 6797575

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  • 28.05.14

    Our address...

    Our address - not somewhere, not someone -

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  • 24.01.14

    DHL, FedEx suspend shipments to Russian customers

    Express delivery companies DHL and FedEx (FDX.N) said on Thursday they had suspended foreign shipments to individual customers in Russia because of stricter customs procedures, making it harder for internet users to buy goods from abroad. We remind our customers and visitors of our page, that we can offer the solution to this problem. Don't hesitate contact us with requests!

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  • 18.12.13

    New customs clearance procedure for postal packages as of 1 January 2014 (amended 10 Dec 2013)

    As of 1 January 2014, it is no longer possible for customers to request the Itella postal service to transfer postal deliveries arriving from outside the EU to a customs office for customs clearance and pick-up. Customers can clear such postal consignments in the following ways: - through Customs’ online clearance application, or - by visiting any customs office that provides customer service. (read more at the link below)

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  • 17.12.13

    Travellers’ tax-free purchases must be in sealed condition when exported from the EU

    Goods may be sold free of tax in Finland to travellers who are resident outside the EU. The goods must be sold inclusive of Value Added Tax, but the traveller may seek a refund of the VAT.

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  • 30.09.13

    Our Lappeenranta staff

    With our Lappeenranta staff (Ljudmila Laidinen, Tuija Kivistö and Hamdam Zakirov)

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  • 22.08.13

    Eximex in Tallinn

    (see picture inside)

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  • 15.08.13

    Future of TIR Convention in transports through Russia...

    UN TIRExB concludes that Russian customs decision is in breach of UN TIR Convention and requests its cancellation...

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  • 15.07.13

    Office under construction